P-toluene sulfonic acid(PTSA-1)


The Product Description of P-Toluene Sulfonic acid

English name:P-Toluene Sulfonic acid(short for PTSA)

Molecular formula:C7H8O3S•H2O

Molecular weight:190.2

CAS No.:104-150-4,6192-52-5

Executive standard:Q/320511 XXH01-2001

UN NO.:2585

HS NO.:2904100000

Technical index::

Item/indexmother liquorThe coarse productPharmaceutical gradePharmaceutical graderefined gradeReagent gradeSpecial grade
Total acidity ≥%(sulfonic acid)40-60909395979999
Free acid ≤%20-403-632/10.7/
Moisture(not includingcrystal water )≤%/4-124/
Fe++ ≤ppm//70/5050/3030/2020/10/
Ignition residue ≤%///
Melting point(℃)////100103105
Alcohol solution test///qualifiedqualifiedqualifiedqualified
Water solution test///qualifiedqualifiedqualifiedqualified
PackingChinese, English, blank packing, each kind of packing is plastic woven bag lined with two layers of film bag, bag of 25 kg net each. For the convenience of users, our company can according to user requirements to provide specific packaging (e.g., 25 kilogram cardboard barrels, etc.).
Main applicationused for synthesis of doxycycline on medicine, dipyridamole, amoxicillin, hydroxyl ammonia benzyl cephalosporin intermediates such as important raw material; Widely used in organic chemical industry; In dilute acid ester c, textile auxiliaries, photographic film, polymerization of stabilizer and organic synthesis catalyst (esters); In resin, paint, man-made board, casting, paint and other industries are widely used as curing agent, and curing speed, the film does not change color; Is also a synthetic ethoxy quinoline important raw materials, also widely used in pesticide synthesis industry, also used as electroplating intermediates.
Notesp-toluene sulfonic acid is 8 classes of dangerous goods, tax refund 9%, no regulatory conditions.Our company can provide dangerous package certificate according to customer requirements, MSDS, identification of dangerous goods.
Service system1.Mixed container service.we can mix different items in one container for you.
2.Quality control service.we'll take free sample for test before shippment,and after shipment,keep sample at least for three months.
3.Packing service.Packging as your request,with photo before shipment.
4.Professional loading service.we'll provide you with professional loading,after shipment,we check the container,take pictures and make records.
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Delivery Detailwithin 10 work days after order confirmed and payment arrived