Production,storage and Transportation of p-toluene sulfonic acid

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  Production method: the production enterprise mainly adopts the toluene sulfonated method. Continuous production uses three sulfur oxide sulfonated, South American countries use more.   The production of continuous production is high and the energy consumption is low, but the content of the sulfone and other by-products is high. Sulfonated sulphuric acid was used in batch production, and intermittent method was adopted in Europe and America. The increase in production of intermittent production depends on the parallel increase of the reaction equipment, and the energy consumption is relatively high, but the sulfonated side reaction is low and the final product is relatively high.

Production history: the first for Suzhou Wuxian chemical two factory in 1978 developed for the production of the Changzhou pharmaceutical factory of the production of doxycycline matching. After that, the private enterprises began to produce p-toluene sulfonic acid.

Storage and transportation conditions: the storeroom is ventilated and dried at low temperature; stored separately with alkali.