Rust removal function of oxalic acid

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Oxalic acid can be used for rust removal. And the formation of acid oxalate solubility is very large, but it has a certain toxicity. Don't eat or drink when you use it. After the skin is exposed to oxalic acid, it should be cleaned in water in time.

But be careful when using, the oxalic acid has strong corrosiveness to stainless steel. High concentrations of oxalic acid also easily corrode hands.

Oxalic acid can be rusty, buy a bottle of oxalic acid in a shop selling chemical reagents, take some, and use warm water to rub on the rust stains. Oxalic acid shops usually sell some medical devices and glass instruments. Oxalic acid can remove rust, but it has a certain toxicity. When it is dissolved in water or alcohol, it should not be eaten or drunk. Then rub with gold and paint it at the end.